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Rates of Services

Name Description Price
Pet feeding Daily pet feeding. 'All inclusive'
Waste Removal Removal of waste. 'All inclusive'
Changing water Changing water bowls. 'All inclusive'
Changing kitty litter Changing kitty litter as required. 'All inclusive'
Cuddles Playing, cuddles, pats and affection for your pets. 'All inclusive'
Collection mail Don't miss important letters. 'All inclusive'
Garbage Garbage bins out/in as required. 'All inclusive'
Maintain Providing a 'lived in' look for your home. 'All inclusive'
Dog Walks Excercise and fun for your dog. Dog walks - $5.00 per 5 mins.
$24.00 per visit (no additional charge for more than one pet).
Maximum distance we will travel: 10 Km


Q. Why get a pet sitter?

Guilt Free Pet and Home Care offers professional, safe and reliable pet sitting and home care. Let me look after your pets in the comfort of their home, whether you are going on holiday or just don’t have the time to walk or play with your pet.

Q. What sort of pets do you look after?

I can look after all types of pets and their needs. Don't continue to ask with neighbours, friends or family to 'pop over' and feed your pets and collect the mail. Your pets cared for by a genuine animal lover and you can feel confident in very capable hands.

Q. Will my home and pets be safe?

For peace of mind and security I posses a current National Police Check.